Within The Master's Power

By Joseph C. Ackerman

Within the Master’s Power: The Backstory

Alex Kurt was an independently wealthy lawyer, who practiced in a small mid-western town called Corville. Mr. Kurt did not live in Corville, but resided on the edge of this town which was outside Corville’s town limits. In addition, Mr. Kurt’s private property was in another county.

Shortly after he moved into his new home, he had a “divine” revelation. He was to form a cult from a group of men who were from different occupations and were prominent citizens of Corville.

The cult was based on an ancient rite of Taurobolium. The men would practice secretly within a forest on the outskirts of the town. There, they would sacrifice a bull and from its blood gain great power. At the time of the novel the chosen men had practiced this ritual for a little over two years. No townspeople knew of this cult, for no member spoke of it outside of the forest or the privacy of his home.

Alex Kurt, their leader, was to later reveal that the sacrifice of a bull and sprinkling its blood was not giving the power it once gave. His new revelation was that they were to sacrifice a human, and restore that original power from that human sacrifice. The Master, whom these men worshipped, revealed the plan to Mr. Kurt. Therefore, they must carry it out!

Not all the men in the cult were loyal to the cause. Murder and mayhem followed from this idea of human sacrifice. The members who remained loyal understood how captive they were. So what kind of loyalty did they really have?